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From the Spirit, supporting people through their healing processes is the main priority.

Understanding that each person is different, Valerie has made it part of her journey to learn and incorporate various holistic and natural methods of healing.

Whether you are interested in body work, healing rosaries/gem therapy, herbal consultations, aroma therapy, spiritual cleansings, house blessings or would like to feel more spiritually, emotionally, and physically balanced, Valerie would be honored and humbled to work with you to accomplish your goals.

Valerie Quintana is the sole owner and therapist of From the Spirit.  She was born and raised in Santa Fe, NM, with deep spiritual roots. She has been certified in several Healing Arts since 2008, and has been creating healing jewelry since 2003.

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From the Spirit on Canyon Road

Through a collaboration with two other artists, Valerie Quintana has made a Healing Rosary that is displayed at the Red Dot Gallery off of Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico! "It is a humble and exciting honor to have one of my pieces on the historic and world renown Canyon Road. I am forever grateful to the other two artists who made this collaboration possible, and it is an experience that I will never forget." - Valerie, Artist & Owner of From the Spirit

Byron Martinez of Chimayo, New Mexico is a self-taught wood carver who was asked to participate in the Red Dot Gallery's 5th Annual Dia de los Muertos Exhibit.  The title of this piece is "A Mother's Worst Nightmare" dedicated to the families of Northern New Mexico who have lost so many to heroine and other drugs.

The rosary in this piece is Onyx, specifically used for its healing properties of helping to release grief and loss.  The front of the cross is faceted glass that expresses no matter how shattered we find ourselves, we can always become whole again through the love and saving grace of God. The back of the cross is a mirror; we cannot truly love ourselves without accepting all that we are...the good and the bad.  It is only then, by accepting all that we are, we will find self-love, healing, and be able to truly love others.

The beautiful Silver Filigree Art is found on the base of the needle and is by Racheal Montoya of Pojoaque, New Mexico.
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